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9/13/07 8:32:14AM
dont you guys think there should be a venue somewhere thats got the loot to compete with the ufc.all a promoter would need is someone with some cash to back him and pull some good fighters away from the ufc,money talks.not that i have a problem with the ufc,but id like to see a comparable league,based out of the east coast,that puts on just as good a shows.im not talkin ifl,or wec,or kotc.bigger,better.you guys think its in the near future?
9/13/07 9:30:29AM
It probably is-if you look in the MMA News section here I put up some articles about how Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is trying to get an MMA deal between various regional promotions and HDNet, which he owns. It really got to be a big deal when Cuban started trying to get Fedor onboard.
9/13/07 9:40:54AM
i hadnt heard that.nice
9/13/07 10:23:41AM
That would be great
But it might be like thw WWE(UFC) and WCW(Turner) it was good for a while
You could say PrideFc was Tuner as well because they were bought out I could see Zuffa doing that with Cuban because he likes money
9/13/07 2:12:08PM
i think cuban can make for money in a long run if he didnt sell out
9/13/07 11:03:48PM
i dont think he's lookin for profit.sell out huh.how so?i dont know who could buy him
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