Rising Star Ronys Torres Signs With UFC

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12/9/08 7:37:36AM
People make do with the cards they have been dealt with; some rise above the rest. Ronys Torres (no relation to WEC's Miguel Torres) has endured humble beginnings to become one of the best lightweight prospects out of Brazil today. There is a lot of fighting opportunities for Torres in Brazil, but none that will garner him the high profile matches he can attain in the U.S. Ronys Torres recently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He should debut next year.

12/9/08 9:32:47AM
Why do I get the feeling that they are going to throw him in there with somebody like Nate Diaz?

Please give this kid Nate. That would be fight of the year. I'm convinced already.
12/9/08 1:32:55PM
Is it Ronnys Torres, because I couldnt find Ronys on sherdog but there is a ronnys. That is 14-1
12/9/08 5:37:30PM
Almost every time a relative unknown is signing with the UFC some always say their gonna get their arse wooped when they dont have the slightest clue what thier capable of much less who they've beat, perhaps this guy is a can or a future champ but it's hard to say since he's somewhat unknown.

I remember when Anderson Silva fought for the belt at 64, I told my buddies who somewhat follow MMA that Silva is gonna run over Rich in the 1st round and they all laughed at me, 3 minutes later I earned 60$ ... Why? because I was the only one to have watched his fight with Leben and his Pride fights.
12/9/08 5:41:54PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Is it Ronnys Torres, because I couldnt find Ronys on sherdog but there is a ronnys. That is 14-1

Not sure about the spelling, but the guy the UFC signed has a 14-1 record
12/9/08 5:45:09PM
Novia Uniao is no joke. They put out legitimate jiu jitsu black belts.
12/9/08 5:46:28PM
i heard of him he suppose to be really good
12/9/08 5:51:02PM
Sounds like one to watch for in the future.
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