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12/5/12 3:20:04PM
Seems like he might be serious about turning his life around.

12/5/12 3:29:45PM
Well he has had a year, to get in that good of shape.

Hopefully he can stay this motivated, he has been posting positive stuff on twitter, since the suspension, seems to be in way better place, just hope he can stay there, as he is always exciting to watch.
12/5/12 3:36:06PM
He looks like he could be fighting at 170

Let's get some comparisons up

- 2005

- 2008

- 2010

His arms have gotten bigger thats for sure... Man has he changed


However the times he's been banned for illegal substances...

12/5/12 4:30:01PM
Most ripped Ive ever seen him.
12/5/12 5:43:18PM
CANNOT WAIT for his fight against Vermola! Gonna a BANGER
12/5/12 10:44:27PM
Ripped Leben worries poor Grappler.
12/5/12 11:15:29PM
Leben is still a fighter I love to watch fight, but seriously if he pops again I will be soo done with us!!
12/6/12 12:48:52AM
I'm not the biggest fan of Leben but, I do enjoy to watch him throw down
12/6/12 1:30:43AM
This gets me excited yet a little worried as I'm hoping he's not on any type of PEDs. Probably pretty harsh of me to assume that but I am not used to seeing a Chris Leben like this.
12/6/12 9:18:52PM
He's posing in that picture, the other pictures are natural poses.
12/7/12 2:24:06AM
maybe 170 will become home for leban... that would be cool
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