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5/29/12 7:28:38PM

5/29/12 9:26:31PM
Who is ween?
5/29/12 9:29:49PM
Ween is the shit! Did they disband or something?
5/29/12 9:31:43PM
Is that what the kids listen to today?

Ahh, oh well....there is a great chapter in The Voice of Reason on music....check it out!
5/29/12 11:05:05PM
this sucks! been a huge fan of the boognish for a while!
5/29/12 11:14:12PM
Looks like I picked the wrong month to quit smoking herb.

They are(were, I guess) my favorite band. This sucks.
5/31/12 12:08:14AM
Buenos Tardes Amigo

Bananas and Blow

For Fleek

It's too bad there aren't more Ween fans here, I'd love to hear what people's favorite songs are. You could play 3 hours of Ween songs and people wouldn't know they're listening to the same band.
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