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5/20/11 3:25:16PM
"The Macho Man" Randy Savage died after suffering a heart attack while driving and crashing into a tree. We have lost one of professional wrestling's true legends today. In his memory, I'd like this thread to contain your favorite "Macho" memories.

One of my favorite memories was when Randy Savage became the "Macho King", lol. He had the crown, the scepter, and Miss Elizabeth, and I wanted all three He had more machismo than Razor Ramon!

RIP Randy Savage.
5/20/11 4:01:05PM
RIP Macho Man Randy Savage!!

The best memory I have of Macho Man is probably what most people will remember him for. I'm talking about the epic match with Ricky Steamboat at WMIII. I think not only was that a great moment for Randy Savage, but, for the WWE (WWF) as well.

EDIT: Oh yea, I'm gonna rock out to "Be a Man" tonight in his honor. Greatest. Album. Ever.
5/20/11 4:50:59PM
5/20/11 4:55:04PM
Damn shame, RIP Macho Man.
5/20/11 6:38:27PM
my fav moment was a feud he had with jake the snake and the king cobra really bit the macho man
5/20/11 6:46:01PM
Damn, one of the best ever.
5/20/11 9:46:38PM <--Part one of Macho Man vs DDP from halloween Havoc '97.

My favorite match of all time.

RIP Macho Man
5/21/11 1:43:49AM
I was never really a professional wrestling fan, but respects to the Macho Man.
5/21/11 9:57:11PM
Somebody posted this on facebook and I got a chuckle out of it. The real reason Macho Man died...To prevent the rapture

5/21/11 11:09:44PM
he and the undertaker were my fav's back in the day. he'll be missed
5/22/11 2:46:33PM
This is just terrible. He was before my time as pro wrestling fan, but thanks to YouTube I became a fan of him. He will most definitely be missed. RIP Macho Man.


5/25/11 3:59:09PM
I'm only 21 years old, however i was an avid wrestling fan when i was a little kid, i had numerous tapes of some old school events (Wrestle Mania's, Summer Slams, Royal Rumbles, etc) Though, i can't really remember much about seeing him wrestle live, i can honestly say that he was one of the most entertaining, charismatic, energetic personalities of the WWF and WCW judging by the wrestling tapes i had when i was a little kid.

It was something about that music that put over his character so much, from the flamboyant clothing and entrances, to the best elbow drop in wrestling history...

Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage re-united in Heaven.

6/5/11 1:46:59PM
I'm gonna eat a slim jim in his honor
7/28/11 4:49:59AM
WTF how am I just finding out about this now... I am so sad. this is the most upsetting news to me as of late. I won't get over this for a while. I don't know if I have the heart to tell my Grandma. Back in the day we use to watch a lot of wrestling together. She is the original one who put me on it. She is still a hardcore fan to this day and I don't know if she could handle this news because I'm pretty sure she doens't know.
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