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2/14/12 11:24:46AM
A reliable source close to the situation has confirmed that K-1 legend and one-time MMA fighter Mike Bernardo has passed away. Further details will be provided as they become available.


Michael "Mike" Bernardo (born 28 July 1969) is a South African former kickboxer and boxer from Cape Town. Bernardo is known as Beru-chan in Japan, where he has taken part in K-1 World GPs since 1994. He holds notable wins over Mirko Filipovi?, Andy Hug, Francisco Filho, Branco Cikatic, and 3 straight wins over K-1 legend Peter Aerts.

2/14/12 11:47:39AM
Awh man RIP Bernardo.

Dude was a killer back in the day.
2/14/12 1:13:25PM
He was an absolute beast, and one of those guys you'd show people to get them into K-1. Extremely sad news. RIP
2/14/12 7:36:48PM
Some very bad news indeed for the kickboxing community and all the fans of this great fighter. I remember some epic battle that Mike Bernardo was involved in and he will be greatly missed by many ...... rip Mike.
2/15/12 2:22:00AM
rip to a great legend
2/15/12 2:32:01AM
Aww crap bro :( that sucks.
I'm only 18 but i've seen many of his old fights on Youtube.
Great fighter.

RIP, best to all.
2/15/12 5:39:53AM
Saddens me.

The first K-1 fight I ever saw was Bernardo KOing Aerts. Right afterwards, I remember watching Bernardo's series with Andy Hug, and my love for kickboxing stemmed for that.

Bernardo was never the best but he was definitely great.
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