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12/3/08 11:35:22AM
if you guys havent heard about its the only bare knuckle MMA league in the world.

whats yours guy opinion of it? i think its crazy there are practically no rules, u can hit the spine, back of head with bare knuckle thats just insane here's the Video:

12/3/08 11:40:12AM
If I remember correctly, Rioheroes was shutdown.
12/3/08 11:43:13AM

Posted by grappler0000

If I remember correctly, Rioheroes was shutdown.

thats nuts though why would they allow that ?
12/3/08 12:21:00PM
The promotion's site is still up and running, seems now to be mostly pics & video clips.
12/3/08 1:10:54PM
Yeah I've watched a lot of the rio heroes shows and I'm pretty sure they're still up and about. There's one guy (the ref) who typically wears camoflage shorts (I think his name was Jorge Pereira), and he's just abolutely awful at stopping fights before it gets bad. Actually I had heard in February they were being shut down because they aren't sanctiond fights. It's kind of an underground thing with events taking place in clandestine nature, I think thy have resurfaced though.

I love watching rio heroes. A real glutton for brutality. The last fight I watched a guy was locked up in a triangle and instead of tightening up the triangle his opponent reach over for a Kimura and snapped his arm. It was pretty awesome.

There's a lot of really good fighters who have fought at Rio Heroes, and you'll see a lot of those guys eventually in the US.
12/3/08 2:50:10PM
Rio Heroes got shut down the last time they tried to hold a card. It was a while ago. They used to stream their cards on their website... was pretty intense.
12/3/08 3:21:00PM
Flavio Alvaro (21-5) is one of the baddest unknown fighters to step into the cage. I've seen Rio Heros a lot and he is a star, getting to 10-1 in only 4 events. I can see why Rio Heros isnt popular but I like old school pankration-ish pride style and hope they still broadcast more events assuming they have money to stay afloat, thats my guess as to why they havnt had an event since January, money.
12/3/08 4:13:52PM
wow these guys must have gaint balls bc there is no way in the world i'd ever do this! UFC against someone like chuck or page sure i'd fight them but bare hand no rules... no thanks!
12/4/08 5:28:28PM
Too barbaric for me. Doesn't appeal
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