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2/15/08 2:27:34PM
2/15/08 2:45:25PM
One of the best articles I have read on an MMA fighter.
2/15/08 2:54:44PM
On paper, it's Hendo all the way, but you can never count Spider out
2/15/08 3:03:10PM

Posted by silverbullet

On paper, it's Hendo all the way, but you can never count Spider out

Well, on my paper it is Silva all the way man !! lol

2/15/08 4:05:04PM
Since I'm a tall and lanky guy I've always questioned why people don't attack him this way, as well.

I don't know what it is about us guys with long skinny limbs, but it just seems to me like ankle locks and such hurt us worse than they do other people. I won't even get started on guillotine chokes since the writer already mentioned it and, coming from a wrestling background, I hate them with a passion.

Very good article. Props to the TS for posting it
2/15/08 5:06:34PM
Hendo has a chance if it goes to Rnd 3+ but i think Silva has this 1
2/16/08 1:11:20AM
this was a really good article. i liked how analytical the guy was about positioning in a fight. i cant wait to see the analysis of hendo next.

what i think would happen if someone were to try and fight with anderson in their guard is that anderson would probably play safe (he would do his fair share of ground and pound, but i think it would be more to open his opponents guard) to get the fight back up at the earliest opening. and at that point you're back in charted waters... and they're real deep.
2/16/08 1:34:00PM
great read and good analysis
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