Ringstar Announces American Fighter Shoe line

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3/11/09 8:09:15PM
Ringstar, a martial arts shoe maker announced a deal with UFC Star Rich Franklin and American Fighter apparel to produce a complete line of shoes with the American Fighter/Rich Franklin brand. The announcement was made at the American Fighter pre-fight party at club Mynt Ulta Lounge prior to UFC 96. The shoe line will include casual, athletic and summer shoes. The shoe line is scheduled to hit retail stores by mid summer.

Also announced was a partnership between Ringstar and the “Real American Fighters” program. The RAF program is a partnership between the Disabled American Veterans, Rich Franklin and American Fighter. The program donates dollars back to the DAV for apparel and other items sold by American Fighter. Ringstar joins the program and will sell a line of flip flop shoes through retail and give a portion of the proceeds to the Real American Fighters Program.

“We are real excited to work with Ringstar” Stated Rich Franklin at the party. “These guys are nothing but class and we have a great future ahead. The designs are awesome. I am a shoe guy and this is going to be real nice” The Ringtar deal was inked in January.

3/11/09 9:27:19PM
Thats awesome. Franklin is a stand up guy and deserves everything he has. Its also really cool that they donate a portion of some profits to disabled veterans. Pure class and a great guy to represent MMA.

Besides Rich has good style, I'm sure the shoes will be badass. I would probably buy em.
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