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9/5/11 2:05:31AM
Since the beginning of Mixed Martial Arts competition, there have been two common set ups for combatants to compete in.
The "cage" set up is one of the most commonly recognized with leading promotions like the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Strikeforce, and Bellator being the leading promotions in American MMA where the cage is common whether it be an octagon, a hexagon, or rounded.
The opposing set up for MMA competitions is the "ring" which is borrowed from the leading combat sport of boxing, though the size of the ring may vary in different promotions. The "ring" set up in MMA is widely recognized from the classic days of PrideFC, and is commonly used in current day Japanese based promotions like Dream, Sengoku, DEEP, and also in European based promotions like M-1.

Comparing the two in a debate really comes down to many factors for die hard MMA fans. Which is safer for the competitors? Which provides the best opportunity for attenting fans to actually watch the bouts presented? Which makes the bouts more interesting? Which interferes less with a bout? And many more.
Which do you prefer?
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9/5/11 2:16:49AM
i prefer a cage, bc i hate restarts

suggestion: might want to consider remaking the thread & adding a poll, that way you can see the votes.
9/5/11 3:12:02AM
Cage for the reason above. How many times in pride did they have to pause the action and restart it in the center. In a cage you can't fall out, roll out if your getting hit, or get tangled in the ropes. Cage all the way
9/5/11 9:19:00AM
There's no falling out of a cage.
9/5/11 10:36:22AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

There's no falling out of a cage.

James Irvin and Keith Hackney disagree

Seriously though, it's not even a close comparison in MMA. Aside from a freak accident, the fight stays contained perfectly in a cage.
9/5/11 7:58:37PM
I favor the ring because a cage allows you to stall, and a ring doesn't allow you to run and hide.
9/6/11 11:34:10AM

Posted by sbulldavid

I favor the ring because a cage allows you to stall, and a ring doesn't allow you to run and hide.

hits against the cage are more devastating i.e. Mir vs Sims . There is nowhere for your head to go
9/6/11 11:44:40AM
There's no right answer. Everything's been said before. This topic even has its own 'stickied' thread. Please discuss it there.

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