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3/11/09 6:54:28PM
Does any one have a link for this fight. Its the only fight I havent watched from UFC 96.
3/11/09 7:11:59PM
A lot of people haven't. It's the only fight that didn't air on PPV. What's now my usual video source doesn't have it, and they usually get fights up fast (within hours).
3/11/09 7:41:01PM
I highly doubt you'll find it, unless there is a cell phone cam version out there. They didn't air it and it appears that it's not available to view over at ufc.com either.
3/11/09 9:54:15PM
plus who would want to buy a fight on UFC.com that only last 44 seconds.
3/12/09 3:50:00AM
Ok, Thanks for your replies.
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