Riggs-Misaki Stoppage

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POLL: ......Stopage
Good 19% (5)
O.K 50% (13)
Bad 31% (8)
9/21/08 3:10:17PM
give me your opinion
9/21/08 3:14:05PM
It was OK...can't give it a good because it was a little early, 5-10 more seconds would have been best to rid the fight of controversy. The KO was definately coming though!
9/21/08 4:11:50PM
I thought the stoppage was ok. riggs was alert but he wasn't doing anything. i think he gave the ref no choice by sitting there with his hands over his face, he wasn't trying to improve his position or move.
9/22/08 11:12:06PM
Mayjor lol's@Riggs. One of the biggest plugs in mma, imo.
9/23/08 5:44:43PM
I think the stoppage was justified. Riggs was takin alot of punches and not defending them. they might not has been doin a whole lot of damage but a fighter must intelligently defend himself. riggs wasnt doin that.
it was crazy though cuz riggs had hit masaki with a nice punch and put him down about 15 seconds earlier
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