riggs-misaki who do you got?

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9/18/08 4:48:10PM
I was listening to sherdog today, and they were pretty much saying that misaki is gonna have no problems with riggs this weekend......now of course everybody is entitled to theyre opionon...that being said tho...i think misaki is very OVERated.....i think is standup is sloppy (tho he has some power), his grappling is better than most converted judokas, but not all that impressive....riggs on the other hand has excellent boxing with power, powerful wrestling, and enough submission savvy to not have to worry in this fight.....if he makes it thru this fight without getting injured, i think riggs takes it, most likely by decision...what do ya'll think?
9/18/08 5:09:57PM
Im taking riggs
9/18/08 5:59:24PM
I'm taking Misaki, Riggs has had some bad luck, and isnt always the most durable fighter....I like him..but just dont know if he is the same fighter he used to be
9/18/08 6:22:41PM
Misaki IMO Riggs is overrated. Also very injury prone, in fact I won't be surprised if Misaki injures Riggs again because IIRC it was a judo throw that injured RIggs
9/18/08 7:36:45PM
Lol Misaki for sure.
9/18/08 7:45:29PM
Misaki is the better fighter, but Joe could easilly knock him out. I've heard Frank Trigg is giving him pointers on the weaknesses of Misaki. It can be extremely beneficial to train with a guy who has dominated your upcoming opponent so I'm really struggling with this pick. In he end I think I'm going to go with the better fighter and pick Misaki.
9/18/08 8:09:56PM
Misaki hands down no disrespect to Riggs but he is out matched in this fight big time in my opinion.
9/18/08 11:39:13PM

Riggs is no joke, but Misaki will take this.
9/19/08 7:30:47AM
Ive seen many powerful punchers fall to misaki because of his style, and in the grappling department i believe Misaki also has teh edge.

Misaki FTW