Riggs vs. Baroni - Hot Bout (POLL)

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POLL: Who's winning this WW showdown?
Joe Diesel Riggs 63% (27)
NYBA Phil Baroni 37% (16)
5/25/09 3:19:09AM
Whooooo's gonna take it ? AND Why ?
5/25/09 3:22:25AM
With 30 of their combined 42 wins coming via Strikes, one would expect a stand and bang war until one man drops.

I personally think both guys will come in with the strategy of getting the take down early and working for GNP or the early Sub.

Let's be honest though, until the fighters are in the ring, Riggs could still pull out with injury.
5/25/09 4:54:26AM
ill take the NYBA because hes out to prove that hes tha best eva.

who am i to doubt phil baroni ?!
5/25/09 11:01:26AM
I'm taking "Da Best Eva" Phil Baroni, he's looked good recently and I think he'll be able to stop Riggs. All I know is it's gonna be a slugfest, if it ain't I'll still enjoy it though.
5/25/09 12:43:13PM
Joe riggs- better overall fighter. baroni is a trick pony , hell just bagn but recently when he does that he gets KTFO
5/26/09 12:04:59PM
Im confident Riggs will win this fight. They both have great power, but Riggs has the all around better striking and a far superior ground game. KO in the 2nd.
5/26/09 12:35:59PM
Riggs has looked absolutely like crap against C class fighters in the last few years so I would have to take the B class Baroni in this one.
5/27/09 3:07:15AM

hes on a 3 fight winstreak, and has looked pretty good at WW. Riggs is overlooking him and focusin on Shields for some reason...and is gonna get KO'd
5/27/09 2:15:04PM
Riggs way better fighter than "Jabroni"..better,crisp strikin from Riggs..i believe alot of people from Pride were on juice includin Baroni..and since their not on it anymore..they get KTFO..another KO lose for Jabroni...
5/27/09 4:24:41PM
I think Baroni gets a take down and a late 1st / early 2nd GNP or Kimura.
6/3/09 5:13:02AM
Looks like Riggs pulled away enough from Baroni to make Randleman/Whitehead the Hot Bout.
6/3/09 10:39:24AM
Riggs. Because Baroni has the gas tank of a 2 year old with breathing difficulties.
6/4/09 12:44:10AM
Riggs looked good against misaki and baroni doesnt have much of a gas tank so riggs gets the tko in the 2nd or 3rd. looking forward to the fight.
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