Ridiculous New Super Conference (Mountain West & Conference USA)

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10/14/11 6:47:05PM
This conference realignment shit has to stop. Conference USA and the Mountain West have agreed to merge and become a 22 team conference. No, I'm not fucking joking.

10/14/11 7:03:17PM
Tradition in college football is extinct
10/14/11 7:15:44PM
10/14/11 7:22:54PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Sources tell me that this is how the new 22 team league will determine a champion

10/14/11 8:16:13PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Tradition in college football is extinct

C-USA and Mountain West teams have a tradition? Honestly though, is there that much of a tradition among those schools on the outside of the AQ scheme that it doesn't make sense for them to realign in a way that may make their programs viable in the long-term? This isn't the old Big 8 and SWC rivalries getting torn apart, this is programs that have been left out in the cold for years trying to do something to get into the big show.

I got no problem with it, but don't think a 22 team league can survive forever. It will split up soon. I could see this leading to a viable 6th AQ conference with the addition of some of the Big East teams and canibalize some of the other non-AQ schools. A conference with the likes of Boise St., Houston, SMU, Tulsa, UNLV, Southern Miss, along with the leftovers from the Big East would have a compelling case for an AQ.
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