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2/5/09 8:38:48PM
Matt Riddle is moving down to ww.. how do you guys see him fare against bruno as well as down the road.. the kid is young with some talent
2/5/09 8:49:06PM
Im taking Bruno for the win. I wouldnt be suprised if Riddle won and move to WW is good and should keep improving with training at Az Combat Sports. But idk how he will do against the upper competition of the WW div.
2/5/09 9:05:05PM
i got riddle by brutal ko round 2
2/5/09 9:09:23PM
Riddle showed some good potential on the show, but at this point I haven't been impressed enough to pick him over Bruno, who has alot more fight experience, way better jj, and from what ive seen, stand up thats atleast as good as riddle's.
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