Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn Admits to Steroid Use

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6/30/11 9:59:27AM
NEW YORK -- Turns out Wild Thing's fastball had a little extra juice.

Actor Charlie Sheen tells Sports Illustrated in its latest issue that he took steroids "for like six or eight weeks" while filming the 1989 movie "Major League."

He adds that the performance-enhancing drugs helped his fastball go from 79 mph to 85 mph.


6/30/11 12:39:46PM
wwtdd.com said it best:

"Is this dipshit even thinking of the right movie? Because in ‘Major League’ he had the upper body of a 7th grader, but he was like 30 pounds heavier when he filmed ‘Hot Shots 2' four years later.

6/30/11 12:50:36PM
Yeah, he had to be on roids. He has done anything good since those 2 movies. He's pretty much a giant bum now.
6/30/11 9:05:31PM
This is a shameful, shameful week in sports. First Nate gets cut. Then Brett Rogers decides to beat his wife because he can't beat up a man, now this. People who play athletes in movies are taking steroids???

Edit: Thanks Fleek, I was waiting for the right opportunity to use that
7/1/11 1:18:33AM
Wow Mike Golic totally supports the use of steroids I guess. Thats what I really got out of the vid.
7/1/11 5:16:47PM
He took roids and only got it up to 85.
7/1/11 8:11:33PM
He doesn't need steroids he has Tiger Blood.

7/1/11 9:09:33PM
Damn 85mph, he could probably start for the Cubs now.
7/1/11 11:43:06PM
And being on roids means the Yankees can pay him $200 million.
7/2/11 2:57:22AM
Cubs are waiting to offer that to Pujols
7/2/11 7:53:55AM

Posted by Shawn91111

Cubs are waiting to offer that to Pujols

You're right and they'll probably offer him another asisine 8-10 year contract like they did Soriano. Losing is a tradition.
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