Rickson Gracie is old. Has anyone seen this.

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4/29/08 2:22:19PM
Rickson has an official Sherdog fight dated in 1980. Has anyone seen this or anything older.
4/29/08 2:46:14PM
Yeah, although old school Brazilian men like to be cagey about their age, (Marco Ruas, e.g) Rickson is 49 if memory serves me right.
4/29/08 5:45:56PM
In one interview,when he was asked about his age Rickson said" I am Ageless".
4/30/08 3:29:32PM
Ive seen his Zulu (1984) fight online. Its somewhere, ive also recently came across a Rorion fight from like 1976, I'll try to post if it I can find it.

4/30/08 5:07:53PM
I posted a match against Rigan Machida in the early part of the videos section here a long time ago. I think that was from the mid 70's.
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