Rickson Gracie's 'Mestre do Combate' event live stream

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11/22/12 4:10:02PM
The promotion is the brainchild of the legendary Rickson Gracie, and features some unique rules.

Today's event follows a "Rio vs. Sao Paulo" theme. Murilo Bustamante and Fernando Veras will coach teams, and five guys from each side will take each other on (not all at once, though that would be cool). There will also be three other bouts, the main event and two co-mains. Here's a look at the card:

Vitor Miranda vs. Elton "Monstro" Rodrigues
Peterson Maffort vs. Robert Peter
Luciano "Izzy" Correa vs. Oseias Viana

Samurais vs. Scorpions:
Fernando Camoles vs. Kitner Moura
Armando Sixel vs. Thiago Fernandes
Gerson Conceicao vs. Alexandre "Sagat" Nunes Brandao
Celso "Farpado" Baldow vs. Udi Lima
Jefferson "Jeffinho" Nunes vs. Glauke Eugenio

As stated above, the event will feature some unique rules. Fighters will weigh in the day of the fights, not the day before. There will be a 10-minute first round. And the most interesting difference is that if a fight is close to getting finished at the end of a round (someone is threatening with a submission, or has his opponent hurt with strikes), the round will continue until either a finish comes or the person gets out of danger. Big John McCarthy has been brought in by Rickson to make sure everything runs smoothly.


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