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6/24/09 3:08:33AM

8. After watching all of the episodes was there anything of note that didn’t get shown on TV?

Richie Whitson – Yes, after me and Jason Pierce got into the argument that you saw on TV. Santino and I were roommates in the house and Pierce decided to put a sign on our door that said “Gingers Only, Queers Only, Please Knock”. So Santino, Frank, Cameron, Demarques, Mark and I sat around thinking of some way to get even with Pierce. We made stick figure drawings with each of the British team members and on each one of the pictures was a picture of Pierce on his knees &^%#$@ &**&. Then we made one more picture with Bisping and the rest of the British coaches doing all kinds of things to defile Pierce. The next morning we got up at like 5 a.m. and put all of the pictures up on the walls of the living room. I went back to sleep and was woke up by the loud laughing of the U.K. team.

Whitson TUF 9 Final Q&A

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