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6/16/07 5:36:08PM
Rich wins by UD
6/18/07 9:34:14AM
IMO, this fight describes everything that is wrong with decisions these days.

Franklin wins by unanimous decision, but I don't think he had Okami in any danger once throughout the match. Okami had twice put Franklin in danger, but because they were in the same round, Okami doesn't get all the credit he should've gotten. Had Okami gotten mount in the second round and the kimura attempt in the third, I think this fight could've gone either way.

I hate it when fights are won because one guy shuffes forward and another shuffles backward.

Damn shame, the only good part of this fight was about the last 2 min.
6/22/07 12:34:05AM
i bet a lot on this fight and won.. woowww!
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