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2/11/09 10:03:43AM
Rich Franklin, who suffered a deep eye poke during a UFC 93 main-event loss to Dan Henderson on Jan. 17, underwent successful surgery on Feb. 9 to remove scar tissue from his damaged right eye.

After returning home from the Dublin, Ireland event, Franklin's ophthalmologist initially diagnosed him with a severely scratched cornea.

Earlier this week, he underwent surgery to remove scar tissue that had developed in the affected area.

"The ocular specialist gave Franklin numbing drops followed by several [Lidocaine] injections in the eyeball socket and eyeball itself," Franklin's business manager, J.T. Stewart, said in a statement issued to ( "A scalpel was used to cut the scar tissue growth from the eyeball.

"Franklin also has a scar band attaching itself to the eyelid where the eye lid meets the cheek. After another injection to reduce the swelling, the doctor cauterized the eyeball to stop the bleeding."

2/11/09 10:24:22AM
Oh my GOD man... Forget about broken legs, arms, torn ligaments, whatever. I would be able to deal with that, but people injecting **** into my eyeballs while I'm awake? I squirm just thinking about it. I've had some breaks and a severed tendon and honestly pain has never really bothered me at all, but I don't know if I could do that while I'm awake.. sticking needles into your eyeball and then cutting off scar tissue with a scalpel.


Fighters should be able to wear some kind of special goggles so this never happens
2/11/09 10:44:15AM
You watch out for that Dan Henderson. He'll poke your frickin' eye out!
2/11/09 10:51:03AM
I feel terrible for Franklin I hope he comes back better then ever from that eye poke. That eye was a nasty one not to mention I thought Franklin had done enough to steal that fight away!
2/11/09 10:18:49PM
Does anyone know what happend with jamie varner's eye surgey? he told sherdog it was possibly a career ending injury.
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