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2/4/08 4:12:54PM
Rumors of the bout have popped up for weeks, but we can now confirm that former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin (22-3 MMA, 9-2 UFC) and “The Ultimate Fighter 4” winner Travis Lutter (9-4 MMA, 2-3 UFC) will meet at UFC 83, which takes place April 19 at Montreal’s Bell Centre.
2/4/08 4:25:30PM
I actually think it would be a closer fight than I originally thought. Lutter on the ground is pretty damn good... Rich standing up is pretty good as well... Not a one sided Rich fight. Kind of a tough get back to the top fight for Rich.
2/4/08 5:32:53PM
hope frankin knocks him out, lutter might show cage rust since he wasn't fought in over a year
2/4/08 6:29:51PM
If Lutter doesn't f**k up like last time and come in 20lbs overweight, I think he takes this. His ground game is on another level (Rich has a good ground game too, but not on par with Lutter) but I think he succeeds where Macdonald failed, in the ability to take Rich down and keep him there. Could be a real tough fight for Rich.
2/4/08 10:28:08PM
Yea im thinking about taking Lutter in the upset .... its a tuff one but hey ... i think the guy above me is right lutter will be able 2 take him down and once hes down fights over ... but if he has 2 stand wit rich hes gona lose ... but lutter UD orrrr 2nd round arm bar
2/4/08 11:08:38PM
i think Lutter will win in the first round shoot quick for the take down and get rich and his back and submit rich in the 1st round lutters ground game is so much better then rich .. but if rich stuffs lutters take downs he will knock lutter out but i don't see that happening
2/4/08 11:56:24PM
I am going with Rich on this one, it will be a very-very tough match and this fight will be a toss up until it is over.
2/5/08 12:09:28AM
Franklin stuffs the take downs all night...KO in the 3rd!!!
2/5/08 1:20:22AM
Its very close, but I got him...

2/5/08 7:11:40AM
When Rich messed his knee up they said he would be out of action until June, must have healed quicker

Meh fight imo, Rich wont finish him and just prolly win a lacklustre decision
2/5/08 9:07:27AM
You know, everybody talks about how awesome travis' ground game is, but tbh i dont think hes had any impressive wins other that his role on the ultimate fighter and mabeys his win against eastman, which wasnt a sub anyways. I personally think hes a little overrated, and although i do think he has a really solid ground game, i dont think he'll beable to take rich down. I think the fight might be similar to the okami fight, travis might win 1 round after getting a takedown, but rich will win the other two just by keeping his distance and out striker lutter.
2/5/08 10:10:23PM
He ran through cote ... and i think in that silva fight he blew it he could have won if he didnt go for that sloppy arm bar ...
2/5/08 10:11:39PM
I'm takin Franklin on this one.
2/6/08 11:53:27PM
GO LUTTER!!! (I'll probably pick Franklin...but I'll secretly root for Lutter) He lived about 20 miles from me growing up...I always love to see him fight
2/7/08 12:03:53AM
lutter has a good ground game, but its really nothing special. cmpared to anyone else right now, (maybe brock lesnar). He has a nice submissions, but i see franklin stuffing the takedown and ko in the 2dn rd.
2/7/08 9:48:33AM
I think lutter is a beast, and i think he could win the fight either way
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