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4/27/09 9:42:27AM
As he prepares for his UFC 99 main-event fight with Wanderlei Silva, former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin will spend some time training with a former foe.

4/27/09 10:19:39AM
4/27/09 10:26:33AM
really good move, if Rich continues to fight at 185, and finds himself with a third shot to beat Anderson he will have trained with him to help even with Anderson is never a bad thing....
4/27/09 10:28:20AM
i do believe rich stays at 205 for a while though, espically since they catch weighted the fight......this may help make a run at 205.......funny to see Anderson/rich at 205 in the future ;p
4/27/09 11:05:38AM
splitting up your posts to get more numbers eh. anyways. this can only help franklin but imo silva was going down either way. its lights out for wandy in the second round
4/27/09 11:59:05AM
This will only deepen the gash between Wandy and Anderson
4/27/09 12:20:47PM
Good move for rich may be not so good for wandy.It was going to be a close fight with rich winning a ud or late tko.Bringing Anderson in is for defence to the tai clinch i wud of thought but wandy still be very dangerous for rich when he swinging for the fences
4/27/09 12:54:33PM
Well, its certainly not going to do Rich any harm. I dont think Rich and Anderson will ever fight, and it seems Wand and Anderson hate each other again, so its not that suprising. Im just glad to see hes still trying to improve, first going to train with Hume, now changing up again to train with Andersons camp.
4/27/09 1:21:45PM
I bet Rich puts on such a dominating performance, they make a new 195 lbs Weight class and make him champ.

Rich will have an answer for everything Wandy throws at him. I love Wandy, ona the best ever, but hes punch drunk, to many KO's.

Damnit CC i blame u
4/27/09 3:35:59PM
It is a good move for Rich.
I give him big props....I am not sure I could train with a guy who beat the living feces out of me 2x.
Those were some of the most vicious beatings ever.
4/27/09 3:54:42PM
Strained friendships and personal problems aside, Anderson's style would humiliate Wanderlei Silva. Franklin knows that, and a move to train with Anderson definitely does Wanderlei no favors.
4/27/09 4:54:47PM
Whats goin on with the Spider lately ......why would he train with the opponent of Wanderlei they are boys from way back they need to stop all this shananagans!!!!!!
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