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9/8/08 5:56:49AM
It wasn’t an easy job, but former UFC middleweight champ Rich Franklin got it done, stopping former training partner Matt Hamill with a liver kick in the final round of their UFC 88 fight in Atlanta. The onslaught of takedowns Franklin and many pundits expected never came, and as the fight wore on, his kicks made sure of that. His lone stay on the mat was short lived.

“I just put myself in the mindset that if I ended up on my back I was comfortable there anyway, it didn’t matter to me,” he said. “I assumed that he would probably have several shot attempts that I just wouldn’t be able to defend, because he’s such high caliber wrestler.

Rich franklin talks about mashida later on in the interview. Very good point he makes about having a history of bad luck vs "south paws from chute box"
he is a cool guy. i love that he can joke oh my sorry i guess i got caught up in the moment
9/8/08 6:05:22AM
heh... feel free to include the interview.
9/8/08 6:09:53AM
glad you caught my stupidness before i went to bed haha.
9/8/08 11:15:14AM
good job rich, cant wait to see who they pit him against next
9/8/08 6:01:07PM
i was impressed somewhat ... but felt as if hamill held back for some reason
9/8/08 10:34:00PM

I noticed that when GSP fought Hughes the first time. Long have I wanted to see another good liver kick, not since Bas can I remember anyone landing one successfully!!
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