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9/17/09 2:31:57PM
Former UFC middleweight titleholder Rich "Ace" Franklin headlines UFC 103 against former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort. The two will complete at a catch weight of 195 pounds; for Franklin it will be back-to-back fights at what I've coined the heavy middleweight division.

What does a win at 195 do for a fighter in the middleweight or light heavyweight division?

"That's a good question," Franklin told "I look at myself online sometimes and I see that I don't really have a good ranking at 205. I don't really have a good ranking at 185 anymore. I think a lot of people don't know where to put me in those weight classes, and I realize that these catch weight fights are kind of doing that to me.

9/17/09 2:59:12PM
I wouldnt be opposed to a Super Middleweight Division. Just make sure Anderson is Banned from competing in it. Winner of Franklin Vitor VS Hendo for the first title.
9/17/09 5:21:54PM
I'm opposed to any new weight classes, i think this has gotta be it for ace with thee catchweight fights, its time for him to make the permanent move to 205, instead of having him headline cards without title fights
9/17/09 5:58:49PM
I dont see the reason for a super middle division just because the likes of Rich and Wandy are no longer capable of carrying a belt in the UFC. Times have moved on and even if they had a catchweight division and Rich had the title we would all know that Silva would be able to take the belt from him within 2 rounds if he chose too.
9/17/09 6:20:05PM
A win is a win, especially against Wandy and Vitor.
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