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POLL: Rich Franklin or not Rich Franklin
Definantly Rich. 9% (3)
Maybe Rich 9% (3)
Not him... 48% (16)
I see Mike Tyson giving me the sexy pedophile look mmm 12% (4)
I don't understand this picture... 12% (4)
None of the above 9% (3)
9/22/09 12:42:53AM
Hmmmm, reading the forums after his loss?

I thought Mike Tyson was the classic addition to this pic lol.
9/22/09 2:02:39AM
looks like a dorm room, def not him
9/22/09 5:57:11AM
Too small to be rich
9/22/09 1:23:23PM
where the hell did u find this pic? lol

notice the site in the corner now , obviously not rich but pretty funny
9/22/09 2:13:11PM
Haha, doing a girl while using her as a computer stand, classy!
9/23/09 2:10:01AM
colors not right too red in the face well done!!
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