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POLL: How would you decribe Rich Franklin
Champion 31% (8)
Warrior 42% (11)
Humble 15% (4)
Banger 0% (0)
Gate Keeper 0% (0)
Andersons punching bag 12% (3)
8/3/11 11:18:32AM
Unfortunately, for me, he'll go down as one of those fighters that I never really cared to watch. I really don't know why but I never get excited for a Rich Franklin fight. Ever. Not to take anything away from him because he *is* one of the all-time greats and he has helped pave the way but...I just don't consider myself to really be a fan.
8/3/11 11:22:43AM

Posted by UFC_Fanatic

He's a gamer who will fight anybody the UFC tells him to fight.

Not necessarily "anyone"...

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