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8/14/08 12:32:56PM
What should his rank be going into Sept. fight wit h Hamill
8/14/08 12:40:30PM
I don't think he should be ranked at all because he hasn't done anything in that division in a long long time. I also don't think Hammil is much of an underdog. It is going to be an explosive fight. A technical striker vs a brawler/wrestler. If it ends early it will be via TKO. I like Hammil in the 3rd.
8/14/08 1:31:21PM
He should not be ranked at 205. Hammill is going to surprise a lot people in this one I think. He will match Franklin in strength which is something that rarely happened in the MW division for Rich. I would actually like to see Franklin and Marquardt at MW.
8/14/08 1:37:33PM
Unranked. He hasn't fought at 205 in some time so it's almost impossible to rank him accurately there.
8/14/08 2:17:17PM
I also don't think that he should be ranked yet. If he beats Hamill, after that he still shouldn't appear in the top 20 on that alone. HOWEVER... I do think fighters rank in one weight class should somehow transfer over when switching. To me, Rich should be ranked highly no matter where he fights.
8/14/08 2:43:25PM
I agree he shouldnt be ranked at 205. Even if he beats Hammil he still shouldnt be ranked in the top 20. I think a win over Hammil wont earn him as much credit as it should though... Hammil is tough as nails and very powerfull, if he connects rich might go down. I see rich using kicks to win the stand up, and i really cant see Hammill passing his guard or mounting and good offence in richs guard. Its a very close fight though.
8/14/08 5:03:19PM
Not ranked at all.
8/14/08 5:49:15PM
not only shouldn't he be ranked in the top 10, he shouldn't be ranked in the top 20. the guy hasn't won a fight at this weight in a while, and his biggest strength (striking power) isn't as strong at 205, where there are many b level fighters that have the same punching power.
8/14/08 8:15:22PM
Hes not as far as im concerned. He hasnt fought LHW since the TUF 1 finale.
8/14/08 8:52:12PM
i have him not ranked and even if he beats hamill i still don't see him in my top 10
8/14/08 9:29:11PM
If he is to get a rank in the light heavyweight division, he must defeat someone in the top 10 list.
8/17/08 1:05:11AM
I agree with most everyone, not ranked. Its been awhile and I do not think he will beat Hamil. In my eyes, and most everyone else, Hamil is still undeafeted. He got cheated against Bisping and I really think Hamil is a great LHW. BTW, im picking Hamil in 3.
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