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8/13/08 4:38:11PM
I understand he is moving up to 205lbs to face Matt Hamill, but after that 1 fight he will drop back down to 185. Why is he moving up for 1 fight? Its not a dream fight by any means. Theres no bad blood. Its not a title fight or a big draw fight for the UFC. I just dont understand this. Can someone tell me why he would do this?
8/13/08 4:39:16PM
I would say to get away from Spider Silva. But its only 1 fight and hes not even safe from him at 205lbs.
8/13/08 4:41:15PM
I thought he was going to fight at 205, cuz he can not advance in mw anymore.
8/13/08 4:46:05PM
I wasn't aware that he only had plans for one fight at 205.
8/13/08 5:08:50PM
did he say he was moving back down? i havent heard any rumors of this at the moment. I was under the impression he planned on staying at 205, for a while anyway.
8/13/08 5:42:36PM
i thought this had already been discussed like along time ago.
8/13/08 6:44:24PM
Its for more then one fight.
8/14/08 3:14:23AM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Its for more then one fight.

Are you sure? I read somewhere (I'm looking for it now so I can post it) that it was only for 1 fight. Even it was for more than one....WHY!? Someone said he advanced as far as he can in the MW division. That maybe true he just can't beat Silva, but what makes him think he'll do better against Liddell, Shogun, Machida, Thiago, Forrest, Rampage, Jardine, Evans, ect.?!?!
8/14/08 3:22:24AM
Shallow MW division, I'm guessing.He's cleaned out the division pretty much minus Anderson. Look at potential LHW fights for him

Rematch vs Machida
Liddell maybe
Forrest (Down the road. Don't expect him to get a shot at all unless he does something.)

Even some of the "mid level" 205 pounders have the potential to be spectacular fights.

8/14/08 4:44:45AM
My understanding of it is that it is only for one fight as of now. I agree with you that the fight doesn't make a whole lot of sense... and might just be happening because Joe Silva didn't have a great fight for either one in their division and wanted to get these guys some work.
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