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2/10/08 12:22:19PM
Rich Franklin has said that his fight with Travis Luter could be his last at 185 and he will move back up to 205. It has been a few years since he last fought at 205. How do you think he will do?
2/10/08 12:31:28PM
I musta missed where he said that.

Got a link?
2/10/08 12:40:21PM
I cant find the link right now but trust me, he really did say this.
2/10/08 12:46:57PM
2/10/08 12:53:50PM

Posted by wolfman

Is this the link?

That doesn't say he's moving up...just that 205 is a more natural weight for him.
2/10/08 12:54:58PM
Thanks for the link.
2/10/08 12:56:39PM
ok. i chaned to title to "if he moves back to 205".
2/10/08 12:58:20PM
The competition is too deep at 205. At least at 185, he only has 2 people that he can't beat.
2/10/08 1:56:58PM

Posted by grappler0000

Posted by wolfman

Is this the link?

That doesn't say he's moving up...just that 205 is a more natural weight for him.

This is true. The inclination is there though and he has fought at 205 in the past. I agree with you, I think if he does move up, he will not do as well. Rich is a good fighter no doubt, yet I think the competition will prove to be too much for him. Personally, I'd like to see him fight Rashad Evans. I think he could beat him.
2/10/08 1:57:34PM
205 is stacked, I'd stay at 185 and be an almost guarenteed top 3-5 spot. Then up to 205 where I am not sure if he's even make top 10
2/10/08 2:27:05PM

He has a weak chin(Anderson knocked him out about 5 times in the 1st round of the 2nd fight) in which there are a lot of heavy handed strikers at 205, Shogun, Wandy, Chuck, Ramage, ect. They would all maul him.

The only thing he really is good at technically is his clinch fighting/grecco roman wrestling and Shogun and Wandy are both like Anderson in that clinch and will Maul him. He was really only elite at 185 IMO because of his awkward striking that was hard to adjust too and his size. He's the biggest 185 fighter out there. Why would he give up that size advantage?

Horrible move IMO. If he stays at 185 he could at least get a 3rd title shot since the division is weak.
2/11/08 3:57:14PM
I think it could be a good move but only because of Anderson. He'd have a better chance getting a title shot in the 205 division if he could string together 2-3 wins, whereas unless Hendo wins, his 185 title chances are extremely limited.

That being said I think stringing together those 2-3 wins against the 205 division would be very very difficult for him.
2/11/08 4:37:21PM
I think I would actually like to see this move by Franklin

Do I think that Franklin would make a run to the Light Heavy title? No. But the UFC could set up some very interesting fights with Franklin at 205 that I would pay to see.

2/11/08 5:10:15PM
terrible move if he goes through with it.

He's very well rounded but hes not really great at anything, he wins his fights by being physically stronger than his opponents, and having the heart and determination to impose his will.

As soon as he fights a bigger guy than him he loses his niche. He'll have to fight like the smaller man and im not sure if he's fast or explosive enough to impose his will on anyone in the top 15 in that division. I would go so far to say that hes slower than alot of the guys at 205 as well.

Another thing stacked against him is his questionable chin. Lyoto Machida Knocked him silly with a front kick. How do you think he'll take a huge counter right from Rampage or Liddell? Then you have Shogun Rua and W.Silva, who might even be stronger in the clinch than Anderson is. Sokoudjou albeit a bit overrated is tailor made to beat franklin, excellent sprawl and KO power. Jardine is an awkward striker too and that could cause major problems with a slower smaller franklin.

Griffin Stylistically is the only top ten that i think he could beat. But then again i dont think he would win 3/10.

In the MW division he may never beat Anderson silva, but in the LHW division he may never win a fight, other than against a can.
2/11/08 5:12:58PM
i think franklin could beat some of them at 205, but probably not top 10 guys, i could see him beating jardine or forrest but the rest is stacked, i could even see him beating tito
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