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1/21/09 7:27:34PM
...and I thought you lost the Okami fight. Sometimes life ain't fair Richie.
1/21/09 8:18:57PM

Posted by xAcidburNx

Posted by Aether

I don't think anyone can claim that because rich turned the momentum in the final round that Dan would've lost in a 5 round fight. That's not really very sound logic. There are many factors to consider. Maybe Dan felt he had the fight in the bag and slowed his pace as a result, at the same time maybe franklin only picked it up because he realized it was do or die. Who's to say that Dan wouldn't have lost the third round and come back out to win the fourth? They also would have trained very differently for a title fight.

I don't see how you can say "rich would've won the fight" with any real confidence just because he won the last round. Anything could have happened.

if that were the case no one would just stfu and just read posts instead of writing their opinion. im pretty sure we all know that we cannot say for sure what would have happened if the fight went it. no one can tell the future. capt. obviouse much

There's a difference between stating something as opinion and stating something as fact. It must not be obvious to you if you're stating opinion as fact.
1/22/09 12:21:55PM

Posted by haggiswashere

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some other high profile fights rescently in the ufc that could have easily been draws:

Are you joking? Should have been a bisping loss.....

no i'm not joking at all fuker

i was just saying a lot of these guys get loses for putting on great fights that are very close bisping-hammill is one of them.
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