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POLL: Who wins?
Machida TKO/KO 19% (7)
Machida Sub 8% (3)
Machida Decision 46% (17)
Franklin TKO/KO 11% (4)
Franklin Sub 3% (1)
Fraklin Decision 14% (5)
9/9/08 7:27:54PM
Im curious to know who everyone believes would win in the second fight? Rich has a loss to Machida years ago and has evolved tremendously since that fight while Machida has used the same yet very effective techique and style. Liddell was dominated by Couture then came back to KO him twice. BJ Penn dominated Hughes then Hughes came back to beat him. Serra destroyed GSP and GSP came back to dominate him. My point being Franklin was dominated in the first fight but all the signs of MMA say in a second fight it would be a lot closer than the first. Very interesting matchup to me that i hope the UFC decides to put on soon.
9/9/08 7:31:34PM
I dont think either fighter would finish the other. I think each fighter would win a round and have a toss up for a third round with the winner of the fight having a 29 - 28 score per each judge. But possibly Machida winning the split or majority decision. Id be pulling for Franklin though!
9/9/08 7:42:19PM
i believe either machida will wait till he finds an opening and knock rich out or either get the UD. i think machida's style of fighting can make him a champ.
9/9/08 7:50:49PM
I believe machida has grown more in that time then franklin has. Id pick machida by tko. Franklin has the type of style that opens him up for damage if his opponent is willing to engage him. Machida's not get hit and capitalize stlye works perfectly for him in this match-up.
9/9/08 7:51:59PM
machida will decision the shit out of him. rich isn't quick enough, yes he's accurate, tough and talented but he isn't quick enough to beat machida to the punch.
9/9/08 8:02:42PM
in my opinion, the rematch wouldn't be close at all. Machida has progressed much more as a fighter since the last time they fought and he beat Franklin easily last time. I could see Machida finishing him rather easily, reminiscent of their first fight.

Machida should fight Shogun next since the UFC fans haven't really got behind him yet and that's why the Griffin-Evans fight is just a bigger fight right now than Griffin-Machida would be. A fight against Shogun is no gimmie either but at least it's another big fight for him to showcase his under appreciated skills. If he beats Shogun, there is no way the UFC can deny him the next shot against the Griffin-Evans winner.

The biggest money fight for Franklin right now has to be Chuck Liddell. I would personally love to see it.
9/9/08 10:15:54PM
I think this fight would be close. Both guys are pretty elusive. I give the edge to Machida, and I think he would use the same strategy against Franklin as he did against Tito. I don't think he would finish Franklin, but would win a decision of some sort.
9/10/08 12:17:03AM
i actually think that Franklin wins, i don't really know why i just really think franklin would find a way to win and not a decision i think franklin finishes him.

i also really like the idea of Liddell vs. Franklin, i think it even makes sense a little. however i think Franklin needs another win before he fights Machida, i personally think that a Liddell vs Franklin fight would be perfect for the winner to face Machida (i know Machida would have to fight someone in the mean time, he couldn't just sit back and wait for that all to happen.)
Any thoughts on that?
9/10/08 12:36:10PM
Ace looked dominant at 205 and I was very impressed but I think Machida has an edge on him still. I give it to Lyoto via decision.

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