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POLL: Who Wins and How?
Cane - T(KO) 29% (11)
Cane - Submission 0% (0)
Cane - Decision 3% (1)
Franklin - T(KO) 21% (8)
Franklin - Submission 5% (2)
Franklin - Decision 42% (16)
7/5/09 4:54:21PM
Luiz Cane recently called out Rich Franklin. Both men have NOT signed for their next fights and I believe this match-up is main event worthy.

Both men are southpaws. Rich Franklin is an akward puncher with excellent kicks. He is a conditioning animal, with a solid grappling background. He always shines late in a fight. Luiz Cane is an aggresive striker with big KO power. He is very strong and puts relentless pressure on his opponents. He ends most fights by KO early in the fight.

This is a very bad matchup for Rich. Rich likes to pick his opponents apart, but Cane is very technical but extremely powerful, overwhelming, and gives his opponents no space to work. He has the perfect style to beat Rich. He is bigger, he has a great chin and a technical attacking style that is very effective. The only way I could see Rich winning is surviving the first and second rounds and wearing Cane down, but it would be very hard to see. I see Cane catching Rich with a big combination and putting him away.

Cane by TKO Round 2
7/5/09 5:17:54PM
If this fight happened, I'd prolly give the nod to Rich. Prolly by decision. I think Rich could hang in there like Cantwell did with Cane. Then Rich use his kicks and odd punches to win a decision.

I wouldnt put this as a main event though. Maybe co-main event at the most. Cane just isnt big enough name yet.
7/5/09 5:20:37PM
I pretty much agree...

I dont know if I would say that Cane is a horrible matchup for Rich is pretty much game anywhere a fight goes...I think Anderson Silva is the only horrible matchup for Ace...

but I do think Luiz Arthur, would come in and play spoiler on Richs plans to get a title shot at LHW.....and scoring a TKO win up agaisnt the cage in the clinch..dirty boxing, plus some knees.

Luiz rnd 2 TKO
7/5/09 5:23:20PM
This fight makes perfect sense for both, Cane would knock Rich out in under 2 rounds though and he'll challenge for the belt by early spring or summer of next year assuming he keeps winning big fights.
7/5/09 6:01:52PM
i think you guys are underestimating Rich...I think he survives and wins this fight via decision...Cane is tough but to go back Rich has only been beaten by Machida, Hendo, and Cane really good enough to join that group? Hopefully we will find out...soon.
7/5/09 6:51:34PM
Cane would make a mess of Franklin in my opinion!!!!
7/8/09 1:45:37AM
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