Why Rich Franklin Will Lose.

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POLL: Will Hamill's size be a problem for Rich?
Yes 44% (48)
No 56% (60)
9/1/08 10:27:49PM

Posted by Fox

Im gonna go with Matt i mean all the guy does is plow through the competition they put in front of him, Franklin hasnt look the same ever since Silvas made him look silly maybe this is a fresh start at LHW but i hate to tell him it aint any easier up with the big boys. Hamill UD

what are you talking about he hasn't looked the same? he absolutely destroyed Jason Macdonald, manhandled Okami and and made Travis Lutter look like he wasn't a JJ Black Belt. Franklin has faced better competition, has had more success against better competition and should be able to get the victory come Saturday
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