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5/3/08 8:17:31PM
in my opinion i think franklin would have mixed results at 205 but he could be a titile contender for sure, heres how I think he would fare against some of the top light-heavyweights in the UFC:

Rich Franklin

Vs. Machida: I think machida would put him away again, machida is just to good and versatile for franklin

vs. Jardine: I think Franklin would tear him up with a 2nd rd tko, jardine does have a glass jaw as proven from houston alexander

vs. Chuck: now this would be a war and I cant decide who would win, im torn

vs. rampage: Got to go with rampage, it would be a good fight but rampage would bypass rich's takedown defense and page would pull it out with his strength and wrestling.

Vs. Rashad Evans: not that much of a fight here, evans still hasnt stepped up yet so it would be franklin by tko in the 1st round

vs. Thiago Silva: Thiago is still fresh and young and I think franklin would dominate this fight by 2nd round tko

vs. Wanderlei Silva: I'd have to say wanderlei on this one, hes just to aggressive and i'd say wanderlei by decision

vs. tito: tito doesnt got it no more and rich would just pick him apart and rich has a good takedown defense, so rich by tko in the 3rd rd

vs.Forrest: This would be a fun war, i hope this one would go all three rounds with tons of action but I can see rich making forrest cry maybe

How do you think rich would do in the light-heavyweight division?
5/3/08 8:34:11PM
I believe this topic was dicussed within the last couple days

Rich Franklin
5/3/08 9:45:04PM
He would get destroyed by every fighter not named Houston Alexander, James Irvin, or Tim Boetch.
5/4/08 11:51:02AM
Franklin would a better chance at 205 than 185.
5/4/08 12:47:24PM
Given enough time to bulk up, i think rich would do well. Like i posted in the other topic, rich used to have a very hard time cutting to 185, and basically spent along time getting his body to be perfect for fighting at 185. So i think if he was to move up, hed want to get his body perfect for 205, so he would still have a big strength advantage. I mean, when you look at guys like wandy and shogun, rich it probably bigger and stronger than them after hes cut to 185.

My only worry for rich at 205 would be, with so many great strikers, how would his chin hold up. I mean, i dont buy it when people say ace has a glass jaw. Its not exactly made of granite, but combined with his amazing recovery times, i think its enough. Another problem would be his striking power. Its not all that often you see rich put somebody away with one blow, he just wears them down with constant accurate striking. Now that could be a problem going up against guys who take his punches for a few rounds, but are able to put him away with a few well placed shots. I wouldn't be surprised to see rich use more takedowns and submissions/gnp if he moved to LHW.

Anyways, i really think he'd crack top 10. Wether he'd crack top 5 remains to be seen, if he could increase the power in his hands, or suprise his opponents with how good his ground game is, it could be a possibility.
5/4/08 1:01:34PM
I think he would have a better chance style wise to drop down and fight these guys
5/4/08 3:42:18PM
he would be good but not a title contender, i think he is no better than rashad evans (who needs to drop down to 185) if you ask me.
5/4/08 4:24:05PM
is Rich really going to 205?
5/4/08 4:54:16PM
I could see Franklin easily beating guys like Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans, but I don't really see him being able to beat guys like Rampage or Machida. Even so, what does he have to lose by moving up? Nothing. Theres alot more intriguing matchups for him at lhw than at mw right now (although, I'd like to see him fight hendo first). He can't beat Anderson, so hy not move up and see what he can do? Theres nothing left for him at mw.
5/4/08 7:00:48PM
he'll make good match-ups and ppv sales against top guys, but he's gonna get hit as hard and harder than Silva hit him everytime out. His skills are on par , but can his chin take the shots?
5/5/08 4:41:12PM
Interesting topic ricoj3323 props for an interesting thought.
Franklin is a huge middleweight so the transition wouldn't be that bad. He might want to think about this move or face the spider again if he keeps winning. I don't think he wants to do that and you can't blame him. It would be very hard to go into that fight mentally prepared.

I think he could hang with the Chucks and Machidas of the LHW division.
Can he bring home the belt? I don't know.
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