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POLL: Rich Franklin In Lightheavy Weight
Yes 29% (9)
No 71% (22)
4/6/07 3:49:25PM
What do you guys think of Rich Franklin Moving up one class, to Lightheavy Weight?
4/6/07 3:57:42PM
He could if he wanted to, but I don't think he has anything to gain by it. His ability to cut to 185 is one of his strengths, and he's a dominant Middleweight. I think he's got a good shot to regain the UFC belt, and he'll be an excellent choice for the UFC-Pride "Super Bowl." Franklin-vs-Kang, anyone?
4/6/07 4:03:23PM
I believe that he started his career at 205???? I'm not sure, but if I recall correctly he fought Machida and Shamrock both at LH...

I think he is still a top 185er so there is really no reason for him to move up... There are a lot of tough fights at 205, and I think the MW div needs more depth at this time...

And I will second your notion, AchillesHeel, Franklin / Kang would be a great fight... I'd also like to see a rematch with A.Silva, title or not... And this might be considered mean, but I would love to see him fight Hendo as well
4/6/07 4:38:20PM
Yep. He originally fought at 205 and he came into the UFC fighting at 205. His first fight with Evan Tanner was at LHW. He said after this fight though that his home was 185 and that was where he was going to fight from then on.
4/6/07 5:09:13PM
I want to see a Rich Franklin/Ryoto Machida rematch.
4/6/07 6:11:42PM
I said yes, just cuz I don't care for franklin and would like to see what QJ or Liddell would do to him.
4/6/07 6:17:39PM
I don't think it will be worth it for Rich to move up in weight he is one of the best middleweights in UFC why give that up? I mean he'll get his title back soon I know he will
4/7/07 3:44:54AM
IMO if he needs to reclaim his own division before looking to move up
11/19/07 4:00:30PM
What sucks is if he stays at 185 and keeps winning and destroys other title contenders then what, another beating from Silva.
11/20/07 1:19:58PM
Rich Franklin should move up to 205. The middleweight division is too tough for him.
11/20/07 1:24:19PM

Posted by tepid55

Rich Franklin should move up to 205. The middleweight division is too tough for him.

riiiiight, and the LHW division is full of pushovers. the champ of the MW division is the only one thats beaten him at 185.
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