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4/19/14 11:17:51PM
Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin is in talks with One FC to potentially become the Vice President of the promotion.

4/20/14 1:28:16AM
Really? I didn't see this coming
4/20/14 4:15:02AM
I could've sworn I read an article within the past week where Franklin said he was going to fulfill the last fight on his UFC contract. I remember other nonsense from it where he said he could beat Anderson and Bones as well. Maybe Rich should see a neurologist, dude has been acting a little funny lately.
4/20/14 1:05:55PM
Blessing for franklin to go to one fc

But dana has a Shit fit when couture does bellator fight series
4/20/14 2:15:20PM
Franklin went about it the right way and made sure he had the UFCs blessing before even thinking about the deal.
I'm sure Couture didn't go about it the same way.