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5/8/07 5:25:37PM
"With Martin Kampmann (15-2 MMA, 3-0 UFC) off the UFC 72 card because of a knee injury, former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin (21-2 MMA, 8-1 UFC) has confirmed that he’ll instead fight Yushin Okami (20-3 MMA, 4-0 UFC) in the main-event bout."

Woot i will love this, i'm gonna say Okami will win by decision. It will be close. I don't want him to win but i don't think Rich will be able to do much if he gets taken down. Although he could do a A. Silva move and kick him in the face from his back and get DQ'd

Jk, it will be an exciting fight, and i want Rich to win but it will be hard.

5/8/07 5:43:48PM
okami will be a great fight for franklin..
im still looking at it as a title fight between these two..
its hard to call.. ill have to really think about it
5/8/07 6:38:39PM
5/8/07 6:53:08PM
i think rich might have this one
5/9/07 4:43:15AM
I think Okami wins this fight with a close decision.
5/9/07 7:09:58AM
Should be an exciting fight, but I give the edge to Franklin.
5/9/07 7:21:23AM
Okami by decision

Update the site picks please admin!!! cant be that hard to do - also putting them in bout order would be good, looks stupid having Jardine languishing right at the bottom when he is main card
5/9/07 8:40:06AM
There are alot of different predictions so i'll be close
5/9/07 9:13:57AM
This is a way more exciting fight than Franklin versus kampman, but it scares me because Im such a huge Franklin fan, and Okami is a dangerous opponent, it could very easily go either way, but im gonna say Franklin wins by a close decision, because Okami was so gasses during round 3 of his fight with Swick, he had nothing on his punches. And if you tire out with Rich Franklin its gonna be a whole different story. so im gonna take Franklin by a close decison. Im way more excited for 72 now than I was before.
5/9/07 9:14:24AM
okami by split decision
5/9/07 10:55:08AM
This fight is going to a decision either way.
Okami is gonna look for GNP.
But Franklin is a bigger and stronger MW than Swick. He wont get taken down easily.
And dont forget Franklin has fairly good sub skills. And some pretty good GNP himself.

I think This fight will go something like one of the Franklin/Tanner fights.

Franklin by Unanimous Decision.
This is either gonna be a all out war. Out a batttle where their strengths cancel each other out.
5/9/07 12:12:18PM
Bad fight for Franklin. Okami is very underated and I can,t see this fight being finished
5/9/07 12:16:32PM
Alot better fight than Kampmann, but Franklin will TKO him.
5/9/07 12:23:19PM
I say, the longer it goes, the more likely Okami takes it. If this thing sees the third round, Okami by dec.
5/10/07 1:01:35PM
This is a much more intriguing fight than Kampmann was, no offense to Kampmann. I think I may have to go with Okami on this one.
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