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7/15/10 12:03:32AM
10-time UFC competitor and The Ultimate Fighter 4 veteran Rich Clementi will make his Bellator debut in front of hometown fans when the promotion arrives in New Orleans, La. for Bellator 28 on Sept. 9, has learned.
7/15/10 12:18:26AM
Rich Clementi is going to have a lot of success in smaller orgs if he's motivated
7/15/10 12:25:48AM
I can see him doing well at LW in Bellator for's when he fights determined talented guys that they have there that I have no faith in him....Alvarez, Huerta and even Curran are going to give him big problems.
7/15/10 1:01:37AM
Love Clementi! I was super bummed when UFC cut him.
7/15/10 2:11:06AM
Maybe he is fighting curran or toby imada
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