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7/9/10 1:12:09PM
Was wondering what is a good portion of rice to eat, considering all the carbs, fats, calories and proteins. Also Im currently on a 2000 calorie diet per day, so any help is appreciated.

7/9/10 9:40:17PM
definitely stick too brown rice. its proven to be the healthier between white and brown. it all depends on how active you are. a good portion sizing tool is a portion no bigger than your fist. lots of lean protein i.e. fish, chicken, lean beef, and lots of fibrous carbs like veggies.
7/12/10 10:05:30PM
At home we mix our rice 1:1 with pressed barley and I agree that whole rice or wild rice is good for you.

What I put in my workout shake is powdered rice bran.
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