Ricci dropping to LW, wants fight at UFC 158

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1/5/13 6:33:12PM
Mike Ricci feel he has paid his dues, its now his time to shine. He has sent out the following tweet to the UFC:

1/5/13 7:21:46PM
would love to see a rematch between him and daron.
1/5/13 7:47:00PM
Ricci is a solid prospect curious to see how he fairs in a stacked UFC LW division
1/5/13 11:37:00PM
Interesting for fans of Ricci, but points out a definitive issue with the TUF format/organization. This is not even a slightly uncommon affair for competitors of TUF. I thought the whole purpose was to find opponents of a certain weight division, I understand the fighters purpose but wonder what can be done. This is why I like the Bellator format so much and didn't mind the original format so much....they just overdid the whole thing and have run out of talent at that level.
1/6/13 8:12:10AM
He will probably been on that card