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7/10/08 4:46:50PM
Where is he? I would think by now he would have signed with a major organization. Any information on him?
7/10/08 4:50:00PM
I heard he was taking a year off to get his shit together. He shoudl be surfacing some time soon.
7/10/08 4:52:36PM
He's always been one of my favorite fighters. Even when he loses he makes it exciting. By that I wasn't meaning split decision loses to Wand but the always classic power bomb he suffered at the hands of Rampage lol.

Seriously though I would like to see him sign with a legitimate organization.
7/10/08 4:57:11PM
Belfort Vs Arona would be a fight i'd pay to see, or Arona Vs Babalu

great match ups for him, if he doesnt sing up with the UFC (which im pretty sure he wont)
7/10/08 4:58:31PM
Arona Vs Babalu that makes me smile just thinking about it.
7/10/08 5:08:55PM
I'd like to see him in the UFC.
7/10/08 5:24:41PM
I have to admit, I just don't wanna see him have such a good chance at the top guys cuz he makes every fight he's in suck. Not bashing, not saying he sucks, just saying I don't like his style, he's a pts JJ guy... not my thing.
7/10/08 9:59:49PM
he signed with M-1 so if they continue to co-promate with affliction he could be on one of there cards, but him in the UFC would be great, not only becausee of his talent, but his style lends it-self so well to the UFC, He was on of the best Controlling grapplers in Pride, if he was in a cage he would dominate more than he already did.
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