Ricardo Almeida vs Matt Horwich to collide at UFC Fight Night 18

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1/9/09 1:57:31AM
Ricardo Almeida (9-3) will return to action against former IFL middleweight champion Matt Horwich (23-11-1) at UFC Fight Night 18 in Nashville, Tenn., on April 1.

The 185-pound tilt was supposed to go down at UFC 90: “Silva vs. Cote” in October 2008; however, an injury forced “Big Dog” off the card. “Suave” remained on the card and gave last minute replacement Dan Miller all he could handle, but he eventually lost the bout via a hard-fought unanimous decision.

1/9/09 2:13:39AM
Now that is some good matchmaking for a couple of fighters who totally deserve each other right now.
1/9/09 9:37:23AM
Great matchup. They're making top-of-the card fights between two guys who probably aren't in the top 10 in their division in the UFC.

I'm probably taking Almeida in this one, just because Horwich always seems to put on a good show, but most of the time he can't make it over the top to get the win.
1/9/09 9:43:00AM
with both of you, seems to be a perfect fit for both.
1/9/09 11:41:52AM
Completely agree with everything that has been said. It's a good time for real fight fans when you can see two guys matched up, not in the top 10, and be really excited about a top caliber match up. I probably have Almeida in this one, eventually he will get it to the mat and then it's just a matter of time. Horwich has good striking, and some submission skills, but if he tries to match them up with Ricardo's it's going to be nap time.

Really a lot of great fighters coming up the ranks right now with aggressive and dangerous BJJ games. Gone are the stereotypical days of getting battered waiting to catch someone in a submission, these guys are taking the submissions and using the BJJ on their feet to force things to the mat. Especially at 185, lots of interesting things going on for sure. I would love to see Almeida and Palhares, for a fan of submission fighting that's a dream come true. Although, with my luck, this will be a dark match on a PPV. Joe Silva is doing a great job at match making, but the guys they have programming the fights, there's my issue. I guess you have to go with what you think is marketable, but having guys like Fitch not being televised, unacceptable.
1/9/09 12:46:24PM
with all you guys. Great matchup between two guys that hold similar spots in the rankings. Should be a really exciting match, unless Matt tries to turn this into a sprawl and brawl "my weakness is better than your weakness" kind of fight. I could easilly see it turning into a poor-man's kickboxing match. Those are always the worst, when two BJJ guys negate each other and we have to endure three rounds of mediocre kickboxing.

I like that Horwich has a more modern approach to BJJ, whereas Almeida has the more traditional. Should be an interesting clash of grappling styles. I think Almeida's BJJ is a couple tiers above Horwich though and Almeida should eventually score himself a sub.
1/9/09 12:51:27PM
Im going with Horwich in this fight.
1/9/09 7:33:58PM
i am glad the fight nights are getting better fights than the big ufc events are
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