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POLL: How do you think Almeida will do in his return to MMA?
He will be just as dominant as he was when he left and will get an easy win 13% (4)
He will still have most of his skills although he will have to shake off some rust 59% (19)
3 years is too long and he will lose to Belcher quite easily 28% (9)
1/11/08 2:59:51PM
At UFC 81 Ricardo Almeida is set to make his reappearance. After leaving the sport in 2004 he is set to make a comeback and try and run through the MW division. He has just signed a six fight contract with the UFC and I am very excited to see him back in MMA. Almeida has his BJJ blackbelt under Renzo Gracie...like a certain WW champion i know...and is the former MW King of Pancrase. He has victories over Nate Marquardt, Minowa, Misaki and Chonan who are all veteran fighters at a high skill level. With all of those credentials, how do you think he will do 3 years later? will he still retain the form he was in when he left the sport or will be be a shell of his former self? I Am having a hard time picking his upcoming fight with Belcher because 3 years is a long time and despite how dominant he was in Pancrase i just can't be certain that he will be the same fighter he was. What do you guys think he will come out like? I hope he only improved in his time off but ring rust definitely accumulates over a 3 year span. If he comes out as if no time has passed i see him winning by submission over belcher or maybe a UD. however, if he comes out rusty i see belcher using Almeida's name and reputation as a stepping stone and will probably KO him. I don't see Almeida getting subbed no matter how rusty he his but this is a MMA fight where he might get KOed as he did against Semenov at UFC 35.

I am a big fan of his and will be rooting for him to do well, but there is that unknown variable that worries me. on the other hand if the UFC signed him to a 6 fight contract then they have to be sure that he will do well and is in the same or close to the same shape he was in when he was running through some top competition. So basically how do you think Almeida will do in his return to MMA? i think and hope he will do well but will have to shake off a little rust first.
1/11/08 3:17:59PM
he will have to shake off the rust but he will beat belcher who is a pretty tough dude, this should be a good fight though.
1/11/08 11:57:46PM
anyone else have an opinion on him, this is plaguing my mind and i would appreciate any input
1/12/08 7:56:56PM
c'mon no one else has an opinion on this?> it says 14 people voted...would someone want to back up their belief?
1/12/08 8:25:55PM
IDK man. Alan looked really good last time out against a really good test in Kalid Starnes. I have seen some videos of Almeida from old but 2-3 years off is a big layoff. I still picked him but it was a very hard choice. I have faith in him, but surely he'll have to get that rust off...
1/27/08 2:21:23PM
the fight is less than a week away, anyone have anymore ideas about this as it gets closer? (some have pmed me about their opinions so i want to bring the topic back as the fight draws nearer)
1/27/08 2:27:38PM
I have ALmeida winning by UD... but the layoff scares me a bit, and Belcher hits hard....I dont know..I think the first round will be all Belcher...but Almeida will take the last 2 rounds and win
1/27/08 2:35:58PM
I'm a big fan of his and hope that he is able to put on a showing along the lines of what he'd done in the past. I see him taking either the sub or UD. **crossing fingers**
1/27/08 2:36:55PM
Its been a while watching Almeida fight, but I wouldnt be too surprised to see Ricardo for the most part control Belcher on the ground for most of the match.

I have Ricardo by decision.
1/27/08 11:10:23PM
Almeida certainly has the skills ,but you know what they say,punch a black belt in the face and he becomes a brown belt.I'm picking Belcher because he seems to be on the rise and he is"the talent".I won't be surprised if Ricardo wins it though.
1/27/08 11:20:36PM
ring rust is a good point but they are signing him for 6 fights so he must have been training alot and did alot of improving to get dana to sign him for that many fights, i have no choice but to pick almeida from his past fights and experience but would not be shocked if belcher pulls it off, could be FOTN
1/28/08 2:55:27AM
As a rule, I disregard any fight from Pancrase, because they have a history of working fights, and their ruleset is too alien to unified MMA at this point. Almeida is a great BJJ fighter, but I don't think hes going to be able to do much against Belcher.

Almeida trains with Renzo, whos main focus has always been ringed fighting, and the cage is an entirely different animal. I don't see this being helpful to Almeida, especially being away from the UFC for so long.

On the other hand, Belcher has been improving with every fight, is part of an up and coming team and has shown he can impliment a gameplan. Belcher knows where his strengths lay and this fight will more than likely never hit the ground unless its Almeida going to sleep. I've got Belcher in the 2nd via tko, probably from a clinch knee.
2/3/08 2:08:34AM
he looked really good tonight. i know yundt was on short notice, but almeida looked really crisp and his guillotine was in tight. he didn't show any signs of ring rust and was as sharp as ever with crisp striking and solid JJ. hope he only goes up from here and he can definitely be a force in the MW division.
2/3/08 4:23:03AM
He looked great... i think he would have beat belcher fighting like that.
2/3/08 9:23:08AM
definately looked good, very slick, i'd like to see him against belcher still
2/3/08 7:19:54PM
Great fight.Loved that awesome finish!
2/3/08 11:58:17PM

Posted by mrsmiley

Great fight.Loved that awesome finish!

yea you can't beat front flip guillotines

i really hope he can fight belcher next and have the match he was supposed to because he didn't sustain any real injuries and recovery time should be quick. almeida and belcher would be a lot closer to call now than some had once though (even though i had him beating belcher anyway)
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