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8/16/13 5:46:57AM
To Summarize:
Reza Madadi is found guilty and sentenced for incarceration for 1 year and 6 months for a “smash and grab” of a luxury storefront in Stockholm.

LINK is at Tingsrätten to get today’s verdict for Reza Madadi. After two days of trail, today is the day of the verdict for the alleged “smash and grab” of a luxury storefront in Stockholm.
8/16/13 5:53:10AM
I'll never forget Reza.

I was there live in Sweden when he made Izquiero spank him to submit and the crowd went wild.

Heck I got to see him on the high street a few days before the event and he said I was the first none Swedish guy to recognize him!

But how can anybody who was watching not forget Michael Johnson headkicking his ass right to the mat knocking him out cold but Reza recovering quick enough to do the slug shuffle and to eventually come back to win the match. The guy was the definition of the word tough as nails.
Just a shame his career ended up this way.
8/16/13 7:58:44AM
Damn those Swedes are lenient! That's 5-10 years in the states easily
8/16/13 10:58:26AM
I wouldn't say that his career is over just yet.
8/16/13 1:37:12PM
His UFC career may come to an end but he's only in for a year and a half so his fighting career should continue.
However, he is getting up there in age so you never know what will happen after this.
8/16/13 1:59:27PM
I don't feel sorry for a guy who stole.
Should be lucky he got 18 months.
If it was me I would probably get the chair
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