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4/23/07 11:37:15PM

There used to be a line of thinking considered conventional wisdom among hardcore fans of mixed martial arts, which went something like this:

PRIDE is the greatest fighting force known to mankind. The worst heavyweight in PRIDE could wear a blindfold and beat the best UFC heavyweight. Anyone who disagrees with this clearly just started watching the sport and doesn't know what they're talking about.

These lines were repeated with a level of obsession usually only found at Star Trek conventions, and were uttered so often they were almost universally accepted as true.

And they even might have been true, as recently as a couple years ago. But not today.

Matches between fighters traditionally associated with PRIDE against fighters traditionally associated with UFC have been ongoing for several months, and, well, the results haven't been pretty:

4/23/07 11:56:06PM
I think it also has to do with the rule changes as well because pride fighters that are coming over into the ufc have to worry about elbows which is something they never dealt with before and they are losing weapons such as kicks and knees to a downed opponent... I think it will take a little time for them to adapt to the cage
4/24/07 7:05:45PM
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