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5/14/07 5:29:48PM
As it turned out, mixed martial arts in D.C. was definitely ready for its close-up. With local media buzzing about the first-ever sanctioned MMA show in the District and over 2,100 people in attendance, fans were treated to a thrilling night of action, with only two fights going to decision and eight bouts finishing in the first round

5/14/07 5:48:09PM
Great artcle, Good to know they will be broadcasting it on TV One. I can't wait to see it again.
5/15/07 10:12:52AM
There were 2100 people? I certainly did not get that impression, but all of the ground level seats did seem to be filled. Numbers aside, the crowd was pretty good, all things considered.

And the show was really good. It may be because this was my first MMA event I've attended, but I had a great time and would definitely go to another of this group's shows.

Also, Antwain Britt is a great man.
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