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9/18/07 9:02:41PM
Nate Quarry had finally reached the breaking point.

Tortured by the pain of a degenerative disc condition in his back, the former UFC middleweight title challenger was forced to face the fact that his fighting career was on the verge of ending, and that only a dangerous spinal fusion surgery would save it.

9/18/07 10:38:31PM
Drago will win this fight. Nate hasn't faught in a while and beat Shonie Carter, Lodine Sincaid, and then got knocked out BAD by Ace. Not to say Drago would have won their first encounter, but he def. wasnt out. Drago is coming off some losses and will be focused and determined to beat Quarry.
9/19/07 12:59:50AM
Quarry's a good guy and an exciting fighter, glad to see him back
9/19/07 2:06:16PM
He was dismantled by Franklin so easily, he really should just quit. He does seem like a great guy, but maybe should just help good fighters train.

9/20/07 8:00:42AM
should hopefully help boost the middleweight
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