UFC 5: Return of the Beast

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3/24/12 1:35:15PM
The UFC was back, with a slightly changed format. After all the hype around UFC 3 and Gracie and Shamrock not meeting in the final, the first ever super fight was set up: Royce Gracie v Ken Shamrock.

There was also an 8 man tournament, with the title Return of the Beast being aimed at Dan Severn, the man who fought fifteen minutes with Royce Gracie at UFC 4.

The event started with two alternate bouts, Canadian wrestler Dave Beneteau and Lion's Den stand out Guy Mezger both picked up easy tko victories.

We then move onto the Quarter Finals. The first fight sees Jon Hess who is 6ft 7 and weighs 295lbs, take on Andy Anderson, who is 5ft 9 and weighs 238lbs. This is a very short fight with Hess basically charging the much smaller Anderson, the fight lasts approximately ninety seconds and ends with Hess soccer kicking Anderson and Big John McCarthy stopping the fight.

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